Insulation Resistance Test

By applying a voltage to the dielectric barrier and measuring to specifications, this test verifies insulation integrity and proper installation.

Winding Resistance Test

This type of test ensures correct connections and verification of no serious misalignments or open connections.

Transformer Turns Ratio Test

This test measures the turns ratio of the transformer in the
primary and secondary coils. It also verifies that the actual voltage matches the specified voltage ratio of the initial design.

Visual Inspections

Visual inspections as part of your predictive maintenance program check for cleanliness, cracked insulators and bushings, paint condition, oil levels, oil leaks, winding/oil temperature gauges, pressures of nitrogen, the objectives of the relays, and the state of grounding.

Treatment / Oils

Fluids and oils circulate in large power transformers to isolate them from high voltage stresses. They are easily contaminated due to leaky joints and corrosion. Increased reliability and performance can result from a rigorous preventative maintenance program that purifies and filters these fluids over the life of the equipment. Advanced mobile oil processing equipment provides vacuum, filtration, degassing, and dehydration of fluids/oils to restore optimum dielectric strength, viscosity, and insulation characteristics.

Oil Analysis

When transformer oil deteriorates, sludge eventually forms and coats the windings, reducing cooling capacity and degrading the solid insulation system. Proper oil analysis is critical to determining the operating efficiency of a transformer.


Proactive Maintenance

Electric power is the key element of your business. We understand that it is essential to your operations, however, it can also be dangerous and expensive. Although large power transformers are among the most reliable pieces of equipment used in electrical power systems, failures do happen. And with these failures, profits and people can suffer. The need to replace a transformer means financial and productivity losses. In many cases, a transformer can be saved if the problem is anticipated and detected before it becomes serious.

Problem identification and resolution begin with electrical testing, maintenance, and engineering services provided by Cousus LLC. Proactive maintenance gives you the full performance of your transformer and electrical assets, giving you the opportunity to react to any emergency to protect your people and operations.

Benefits of Proactive Maintenance

  • Routine inspection and scheduled maintenance will eliminate unplanned downtime and improve your bottom line while maintaining uninterrupted power generation.
  • Ensuring the continued reliability of electrical distribution systems.
  • Minimize emergency repairs.
  • Ensure optimal system performance, efficiency, and security.

The key to eliminating unscheduled outages is to proactively perform electrical testing and maintenance on your transformer so you can discover a problem before a unit fails. The information accumulated through routine inspections and periodic tests will help our specialists analyze the records and identify significant trends or unusual behavior. Our primary goal is to ensure your business has reliable power and to avoid costly outages related to transformer failures.

Preventive Maintenance

The continued efficiency of electrical systems requires proper analysis, interpretation, and service recommendations. Cousus’ experienced field technicians provide complete preventative maintenance testing services to ensure reliable operation of new and existing transformers and will also compare the results to baseline measurements to determine the overall health of the transformer.

Vacuum Processing and Oil Degassing

These services remove water, gases, and mechanical impurities to maintain the strength of the dielectric oil and the insulation system.

Water-in-Oil Analysis and Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)

These tests are used to identify the essential properties of transformer oils and provide a more accurate assessment of their condition.

  • Dissolved Gas Analysis.
  • Dissolved Water in Oil Analysis.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration Compliance

Emergency Service

To help you deal with emergency situations. Cousus Green Energy is available 24/7 for critical emergency needs, including:

Testing & Maintenance Equipment