Transformer and Inverter Maintenance and Repair Services

Technical Assistance and Transformer Diagnostic

Accessory review

Revision of indicators and level meters

Leak check

Basic electrical tests

Assembly of Transformers

Commissioning of Electrical Transformers

OLTC switches

Predictive Maintenance

Oil Sampling Analysis

Physicochemical Analysis

Chromatographic Analysis

Furan Analysis

PCB Content Analysis

Electrical Tests

Preventive Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance / Repairs

Who we are

A company comprised of technical professionals with more than 15 years of experience assisting and executing both domestic and international
projects for large multinational transformer manufacturers.

We specialize in providing technical-electrical services for power transformers, and inverters. Covering
all United States, Central America, The Caribbean, and South America. We support Power Generators, Manufacturers, Substations, 
Utility Companies, and Solar Farms.


Our technicians’ extensive industry experience has afforded us the confidence and knowledge to repair or potentially anticipate any issue, preventing downtime and increasing your return.

Our main priority is to become your primary operational support.

OSHA standards, logs, programs, and training are reviewed and verified annually.

Cousus LLC

Transformer failure risk can be reduced only when:
– Oil quality is well maintained
– Moisture and dust are controlled
– Excessive heat levels are managed
– Faults are detected early and corrected
– Proper midlife overhaul is performed

Cousus specialize in the service of high voltage power transformers, regardless of type, brand, voltage or location. 

We carry out assembly and commissioning, as well as diagnostic tests, preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance of power transformers.