About us

We are a New York based company that is focused on providing technical-electrical services specialized in power transformers, we rely on the trajectory and experience generated by the company’s partners. 

Our primary objective is customer service, providing a quick response to your needs or requests, accompanied by all ancillary technical and administrative support.

OSHA standards, logs, programs, and training are reviewed and verified annually.


Quick response

Multiple crews are always ready to
respond to any emergency demand


CGE ensures that all field representatives have adequate knowledge and training with various power transformers


Senior engineers and technicians
with more than 15 years of experience in the field service


To ensure the ongoing integrity and compliance of your power transformers with programmed checkups and maintenance so they never stop running. Long-term support and special treatment are top priorities when it comes to service. 


We at CGE feel it is our responsibility to educate our partners on the best practices to preserve their power transformers’ performance and lifecycle. We strive to provide effective and prompt technical-electrical support resulting in minimum downtime of their assets.